What are we doing during the Covid-19 situation?

Hi Everyone,
The Coronavirus has hit Ottawa and like all of you, we have been closely monitoring the trends and information coming in both locally, nationally and worldwide. 

We are still open for business and luckily we are a small shop that sees most customers in one or 2 at a time, so no large clusters of people, which is good to avoid during this time.

The shop is very clean as usual, but we are also taking extra precautions to sanitize and disinfect any areas commonly touched or handled within our space, to further protect our customers from any transfer from foot traffic.

If you have any symptoms of virus, cold or flu, we ask that you refrain from visiting us until you are feeling well and completed any self-isolation.

My phone is always on (email, messaging and social media too), so should you have any questions, please reach out to me for any info on pricing or bookings for tires or detailing work.

Soon enough, we'll be back to our normal lives and back to enjoying our hobbies and the outdoors!


Be safe,

André Corriveau
Slick Automotive Solutions