Tires and Wheels

SlickAuto carries a very large selection of tire brands and wheel choices.


But what really sets us apart from the other shops is our attention to detail, and service.

How do we do that?

  • Top equipment - we use only Italian-made tire changers and balancers, such as Ravaglioli and Hofmann, and both changers use touch-less technology to eliminate wheel damage.
  • Proper training - SlickAuto's lead tire technician is certified and up-to-date on industry changes.
  • Attention to detail - your first visit will confirm that we follow all the required steps to wheel and tire servicing, whereas most flat-rate shops will rush to complete the job.
  • Clean and organized shop - we ensure an efficient and clean workplace to ensure productivity and a positive customer experience
  • Knowledge - we provide choices based on real data and other customer feedback to ensure we give you the best product for your needs.

Need more info? 

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