With the cold weather approaching, it's time to think about putting your winter tires on soon.  

As the temperature drops below 7-8C, your summer tires will start loosing their grip to the road due to the rubber compound formulation.  With winter tires, the rubber remains pliable through the colder weather and tread profiles are designed to cut through water, snow to maintain traction throughout the varied winter weather.

Slick Automotive Solutions can help you choose the right tire for your winter driving conditions, vehicle and driving style.   There are numerous tire designs and types to suit passenger or sports cars, SUV's and trucks.


As an independent shop, we offer access to all major brands of tires and provide you a great installation experience with a certified tire technician.  And we offer a large selection of steel or aluminum wheels to suit your vehicle.


We also provide a mobile service for seasonal tire changes (tires mounted on wheels) to ensure you can get the Slick customer experience from the comfort of your home or office.

See what all the fuss is about!  
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