Slick Automotive Solutions is your top-service, competitively-priced shop for tires and wheels in the Ottawa area.

​We can supply and install your high-performance summer, motorsport, all-season or winter tires.  

Customer Service

Consider us your boutique tire shop.  While in our shop, we'll ensure your vehicle is cared for and no corners are cut.  With top-quality equipment in our Ottawa shop, we make sure the right tools and procedures are used to tackle all types of tires and wheels.  After experiencing the level of service we offer, you won't need to look elsewhere anymore.


Our appointment-based scheduling works to ensure that we are ready to work on your car once you arrive and get you back out on the road as quickly as possible.  No more sitting in crowded waiting rooms while numerous cars are being worked on before yours.  

Mobile Service

We also offer an after-hours mobile service to change out your seasonal wheels/tires at your home or office.  Imagine not having to load your tires/wheels into your car and go somewhere, just to wait until the job is done.  Just call us to ensure the job is done properly while you stay put!

Tire Pricing

Unfortunately we can't post and maintain tire pricing on our website for all various brands, models and sizes.  We prefer to communicate with our customers directly so we can present the best options of brands available, in-stock status and pricing.  We offer competitively-priced tires for all makes and models.

Click here to send us an email inquiry re; tire selection and pricing for your vehicle, or call us at 613-763-0011.